The Egg McMuffin of Blog Posts

Calling someone or something the Egg McMuffin of _________ is silly!

I am absolutely at a loss of words for what it can mean to be the Egg McMuffin of ____________.   I am worried about anyone or thing that might consider it a compliment. Hey, you’re the quick, cheap, breakfast I can pick up on the fly without thought; Sounds like I’m calling you a slut and well, that is NOTa compliment!

However, from a marketing perspective, I guess McDonalds got what it wanted. I am writing about it and posting their video. I have seen several tweets on the topic and assume it is only a matter of time before some facebook friend mentions it. But is recognition really what McDonalds wants or needs? Find me an American that doesn’t already know about McDonalds or an Egg McMuffin. Marketing isn’t just about creating a conversation, it is about sales.

I think McDonalds missed the mark. I am NOT planning to eat an Egg McMuffin any day soon!!

January 16th, 2012

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